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VC VOX POP | “What’s the Strangest Fan Question You’ve Ever Been Asked?” [Q&A]

The Violin Channel recently caught up with 30+ of the world’s top string players to find out …

What's the strangest fan question you've ever been asked?

The Violin Channel recently caught up with 30+ of the world’s top string players to find out …

VC Artist Violinist, Ray Chen:

"I don’t really have anything juicy to report ... outside the usual marriage proposals ... asking for phone numbers ... requests for hugs ... kisses ... as well as autographs on random body parts ..." [PICTURED]

German-Japanese Concert Violinist, Arabella Steinbacher:

"Is that your main profession?"

Canadian Violinist, Lara St John:

"I was once asked when I really young if I heard in colours? ... I thought it was a very strange question ... but it was actually the first time I learnt about synesthesia ... "

American Violinist, Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg:

"How much money do you make?"

Korean-American Violinist, Sarah Chang:

"Will you marry me ... or ... what blood type are you?"

British Concert Violinist, Tasmin Little:

"... 'Do you ever need to go to the toilet when you're on stage?' ... Happily I'm able to answer 'no' ..."

Israeli-born Cellist, Matt Haimovitz:

"I once had just completed a juxtaposed performance of Elliott Carter's Cello Sonata with Tod Machover's 'Vinylcello' for cello and D.J. ... I thought I had just done something really new and innovative ... but afterwards a young cellist asked ... pitch is overrated, do you ever play anything really avant-garde?"

Russian-born Violinist, Dmitry Sitkovetsky:

"Someone once asked if I was related to the Bach family? ... (probably because of my transcription of the Goldberg Variations) ... I of course answered ... YES ... given I've spent more time with J.S. Bach than with any other composers"

American Violinist, Stephanie Chase:

"My husband was once asked by a member of a soccer team if he was my coach..."

Korean-American Violinist and New England Conservatory faculty member, Soovin Kim:

"Can you sign my face?"

Dutch Violinist, Noa Wildschut:

"I actually often get asked by drummers ... if I want to play with them?"

American Violist and Instagram Star, ThatViolaKid, Drew Alexander Forde:

"I once went on a first date with a girl ... and she asked me if I was going to vlog our dinner?"

Violin Virtuoso and Fashion Model, Filip Pogady:

"Lol ... No, no ... I can't say ..."

Chinese-Cuban-American Cellist Sophia Bacelar:

"Could you please send me a close up pic of your feet?"

Australian Funster, TwoSet Violinist, Eddy Chen:

"We don't really get any weird questions ... but once someone gave us voodoo dolls of eachother ..."

Australian Funster, TwoSet Violinist, Brett Yang:

"What's the future of classical music really look like ...?

London Symphony Orchestra First Violinist “Queen of Bling”, Maxine Kwok-Adams:

“I once was asked on instagram if I could play Thais’ Meditation … wearing a Rolex … I’m hoping he didn't mean JUST a Rolex …?”

VC Artist Violinist, Augustin Hadelich:

"One time somebody started asking me a series of interview questions ... but they were oddly specific and didn't really make a lot of sense to me ... then I realised they were for another violinist ..."

VC Artist Violinist, Stefan Jackiw:

"How did you make your face so small?"

VC Artist Violinist, Paul Huang:

"Why does your violin look like a viola ... lol?" 

VC Young Artist, Bomsori Kim:

"Nothing too weird ... normally my fan questions are about my skin care and makeup ...."

VC Artist Cellist, Kian Soltani:

"A mother once asked me if I would take her daughter out on a date ... but I thought it was funny lol ..."

Canadian VC Young Artist Violinist, Timothy Chooi:

"How often do you workout your legs?"

French-Russian VC Young Artist Violinist, Fedor Rudin:

"Who do you think is the sexiest violin composer? ... lol"

VC Artist Violinist, Tessa Lark:

"Do you like bees?"

Canadian VC Young Artist Violinist, Kerson Leong:

"I really like the sound you produce on your violin ... could I get a sample ... of your speaking voice?"

VC Rising Star, Kevin Miura:

"Do you go to school? ... (um, I'm only 14 ... of course I do!)"

VC Young Artist Cellist, Aurélien Pascal:

"Can I kiss you?"

VC Young Artist Violinist, Nathan Meltzer:

"Will you marry me? ... (when I was 14) ..."

VC Young Artist Violinist, Marc Bouchkov:

"One time someone asked me if I ever think about food whilst on stage ... that's pretty weird"

VC Artist Violinist, Jennifer Pike:

"Do you remember me? ... I took out your appendix 17 years ago!"

VC Young Artist Violist, Timothy Ridout: 

"An elderly gentleman came to me recently after a recital and congratulated both myself and the pianist ... then asked me 'Do you listen to the piano whilst you play?' ... I hope that it wasn't what he had deduced from my performance?"

VC Rising Star Violinist, Yesong Sophie Lee:

"A man came up to me and asked if I was born able to play the violin?" 

Ariel Quartet Violinist, Alexandra Kazovsky:

"What do you do for a living?"

VC Artist Dover Quartet Violinist, Bryan Lee:

"Someone who attended one of our concerts asked afterward ... when we were going to graduate to an orchestra?"

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